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Direct Marketing Versus Brand or Image Advertising: Is it Possible to Have it All?

Clients hire us to produce results. Period.

Image, branding and awareness are all parts of the creative work that we do; the bottom line however, is results! "Pretty" ads that do not work, to us and to our clients, are failures. Take a look at much of the direct mail you receive at home and at work—we consider most of it to be what we call "blah blah" advertising. Does it grab you; is it compelling; do you interact with the message; do you take action? Pretty, colorful and creative work may do a good job of branding the company, product or service, but did it produce profitable results? To us, and to our clients, that is the bottom line: producing tangible, measurable results.

A successful direct mail campaign is one that works! The design of your piece needs to incorporate your logo, brand image and calls to action that generate sales and/or leads at the lowest possible cost. Our designers know what creates response and how to get it done using proven copy techniques for direct repsonse marketing projects. We've done it thousands of times!


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