Mailing Lists

The value of a good mailing list is in the time and money you save as well as knowing you are reaching your specific target audience with zero wasted coverage. By eliminating the costs in having postcards shipped to you and then spending the time addressing them yourself, Vision Media can handle your project from concept to a mailed targeted list. You never have to lay a hand on your own project. We will handle it all; easy, simple, effective, and effortless on your part.

We use state of the art technology in building and processing your mailing list. All of our lists are up to date according to U.S.P.S requirements. This allows us to help you get the most for your project dollars and take advantage of the lowest possible rates. Your project will cost less, and be shipped faster.

Common ways we build lists are by age, gender, home value, new mover, location, general or specific demographics, and driving time to your location. These only name a few. We'll get you to the right prospects of your product or service. If you have an idea and don’t see it listed, contact us, and we’ll get the job done for you.

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